Goose Feel has selected the Mother Goose for three indispensable garments in the wardrobe: Tobias, Margot and Leda.

The modern lines of the jackets do not fear comparisons for both style and technical characteristics.

The unique warmth of the plumage creates an insulating cocoon against the cold, thanks to the great insulating capacity.

 The Mother Goose Down Jacket is the choice for those who want the best performance in a premium model for everyday needs.


A know-how developed in 15 years of experience and  research in apparel and by the interest in new fashion trends.

The strong network of companies allows the continuous innovation, while a strong passion for outerwear  represents the major motivation for our work.

A real professionalism and a careful research  carries to a urban and sophisticated  look.

The use of materials has evolved from technical nylon to more elegant and versatile fabrics, paired with soft and warm eco fur.


Goose Feel condenses the years-long work done as manufacturer for the best Italian brands, with the clear goal of innovating without restraint, with a customer focused vision.

The originating idea has been developed through its founder’s experience in producing high-end clothing, and culminate in the Goose Feel brand.

Style and research are in any element: sophisticated and versatile jackets, suitable for any need.


Goose Feel team has the objective to propose collections that express the passion for materials and love for the apparel design. A jacket, an object that will match the technical knowhow and the high level performance of the selected materials.

The mission is to create a great quality garment with no compromise in comfort, performance and fashion. An item for those who recognize the value of what they’re wearing and the best value for money.

Our product live just online, with a B2C distribution.